Asian Salmon Stir Fry

Asian Salmon Stir Fry

A quick and easy supper, healthy tasty easy and gave me the carbs I was after as carb day don’t come everyday.
So I came up with this Asian inspired salmon stir fry served on some Brown long grain rice and its was absolutely Delicious.

This is definitely one to keeping hand and the kids seemed to enjoy it too.


Prep Time 10 mins

Cook time 30 mins

1 Cup brown rice
1 packet of mixed vegetables @woolworths_sa
1cup of sliced Mushrooms
1 Fillet of Salmon @woolworths_sa
1/4 cup Raw unsalted Cashew nuts (almond flakes would work well too)
1 Tbsp Raw unfiltered honey
2 Tbsp Soya Sauce
1Tbsp Organic Olive Oil
1 teaspoon Fresh crushed garlic
1/2 lemon and the zest of a lemon
Salt & Pepper to taste and served with crushed chilli if you like hot food.


Bring rice to boil till cooked.

In a Pan heat olive oil and saute the vegetables till they are almost cooked. Set aside.

Rub your salmon fillet with some Himalayan Rock Salt and Pepper and drizzle with olive oil set aside and pan sear your salmon when your rice and Vegetables are almost ready.

In your @nutribullet_sa blend your Honey garlic, soya sauce, lemon juice and zest of your lemon till smooth add this to your vegetables and put it back on your stove till cooked. Keep tossing veggies around so that they are equally glazed and don’t burn.

Just before your veggies are fully cooked add your nuts so they remain crunchy but warm.

Once your everything is cooked grab a small bowl ,add 4 heaped tablespoons of brown rice

to your bowl and a small cup (teacup ) of vegetables and half the salmon fillet chopped and enjoy.
Add fresh chillies if you like it hot.

This meal contains 528 calories .
42.3g healthy GOOD FATS.
34.5g of pure protein.

Do drop a comment on your thoughts.

lots of love


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